About The Author

Throughout her distinguished service in the Navy, J’Marie exemplified qualities that have set her apart as a mentor and leader. Her compassion, motivation, and dedication to the principles of fairness and justice were the cornerstones of her leadership philosophy.



Driven by her passion for leadership and her talent for mentorship, J’Marie ventured into the world of authorship. Her book, “Dear Bad Manager: A Guide to Deal with Difficult Managers,” is a demonstration of her expertise and keen observations on crossing complex managerial situations.



J'Marie "J'Marie" Triggs brings a unique blend of experiences to her role as an author, mentor, and leader. Her journey began as a dedicated US Navy Nurse, where she not only cared for the physical well-being of her patients but also infused her work with kindness and a deep commitment to fair and just leadership. Her time in the Navy was marked by a remarkable display of compassion, motivation, and a solid dedication to ethical leadership principles.


Author Experience

J'Marie continues to inspire through her work, sharing her experiences, wisdom, and a healthy dose of humor to uplift the spirits of all who engage with her teachings. As a mentor, she champions positive change in leadership styles, encouraging mentees, colleagues, and professionals to emulate her commitment to respect, fairness, and compassion – principles that have been the bedrock of her illustrious career.